100% Pure Reishi Spore Oil Boosts Immunity

Abstract:Reishi Spore OilBotanical Source: Ganoderma lucidumAppearance: Clear yellowish transparent viscous oilIngredients: 100% pure Reishi Spore Oil (no additives or carriers)Compositions: Triterpene, reishi mushroom acid, nucleosides & unsaturated fatty acid. Reishi mushroom triterpene concentration is above 20%

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Reishi Spore Oil
Botanical Source: Ganoderma lucidum
Appearance: Clear yellowish transparent viscous oil
Ingredients: 100% pure Reishi Spore Oil (no additives or carriers)
Compositions: Triterpene, reishi mushroom acid, nucleosides & unsaturated fatty acid. 
Reishi mushroom triterpene concentration is above 20%.

KINGHERBS' Reishi spore oil is 100% pure essence of reishi spores extracted by Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Fluid extraction,SCFE-CO2. KINGHERBS' Reishi mushroom is cultivated in our in-house plantation farm, and It has no pollution from bacteria, heavy metals, organic solvent, less oxidation for SCFE-CO2. It can be made directly into softgels. KINGHERBS offer Reishi spore oil softgel of 350 mg, one softgel contains over 70 mg of triterpenes.
For immune support and prevention of tumor recurrence;
An Adjuvant to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, speeding up the post-operation recovery, for immune reinforcement, minimization of radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects (such as, leukocyte reduction, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, liver or kidney injury etc. )
Improve life quality, prolong life and relieve pain;
Liver and chemical liver injury protection;
Improve cardiovascular and cerebral-vascular diseases, modulate internal secretion, bring down the blood sugar; Soothe nerves, nourish brain and calm the spirit; Regulate digest system, nourish lung the alleviate inflammation;
Slow aging, beautify skin, good for beauty care and skin disease prevention.

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